This site is so new, its almost too painful to watch it evolve…

To develop and create the Rogan Coles Photo Archive, we currently deploy the following services and tools:

  • The front end of the Rogan Coles Photo Archive is based on The7, a photo theme for WordPress, by Dream-Theme.
  • The website’s back end operations and functions are provided by WordPress.
  • Hosting services are provided by Digital Ocean Inc., a USA based provider of premium Internet Services. They have a real good deal going whereby, if you use my referral code, you get a $50 credit to initially try out their services. If you like what they have going, obviously you’ll stay around for longer. Also, Digital Ocean provides some of the better documentation and “how to’s” compared to many of the other hosting companies offering similar services out there – and, to date, I’ve tried quite a few. That Digital Ocean referral link
  • Image compression is provided by Kraken.io. Kraken does what it is supposed to do and does a very fine job at that. I get compression levels of up to 50% and all this with little if any visible loss in image quality. Give them a try. Use this referral link as an introduction to their services – referral link.
  • The font featured in the watermark appearing on many of the images featured in our picture galleries and on-line web store is Xtreem 2. Usage comes courtesy of Måns Grebäck. Look him up, he has some interesting working going on there.
  • There are several WordPress plugins that we use that have become indispensable in the work we do here:
    • Media Library Assistant – would know where I would be when it comes to managing all the images on this and our other websites.

As they say, “Great work is seldom created by chance”. Nor is “great work” created alone or in the dark, so to speak. The development of this particular web site has been long in the making – now more than 18 months in fact. In the process, there have been many who have helped in their way along this path. I would like to thank all those who have participated directly in the making and development of this website and also to all those countless others who are forever posting solutions, suggestions and/or continually working on updates to many of the applications and services deployed here – a big THANK YOU to all.


All the content on these pages remains the exclusive property of Rogan Coles and is protected under local and international copyright laws.

Please note, while these images have been made available for viewing and references purposes, they MAY NOT be used, distributed or sold in any form whatsoever without the expressed permission and written consent of Rogan Coles. That in part or as a whole, any commercial use, any publication, reproductions, redistribution, or exploitation for personal or corporate gain is strictly prohibited.

By entering this site you expressly agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


OK, you too can now own a piece of this action – as in choosing and buying a piece of great art. To do so, your first port of call ought to be the Rogan Coles Photo Shop. There we have an edited selection of fine art prints on sale.

That’s Part One. As a Part Two option, if there’s something here you like on this site, please make a note of of the picture’s reference number and contact us via our contact page. Most images are captioned and have references numbers. Included here is our general price guide.

Purchasing instructions:
For the time being, please use the site’s contact form to drop me a line. In making a request – either for a print purchase or other image use, please list the image’s titles, the size or sizes you want and the quantities you would like to purchase. By return, I will then send you a quotation together with PayPal or other payment method instructions. Your shipment will be made within two weeks after your payment has cleared. Shipping charges are extra and will be quoted after receiving your order. We don’t do framing nor do we supply print mats.

Most of the images found on this site are made using digital capture. Some images where shot using film. They, in turn, have been digitalised. Prints – as digital archival pigment prints – are available in the following print sizes and prices:

  • 8 x 12 inches (the longest edge being 12 inches) – US$145.00 (about HK$1,100.00)
  • 12 x 18 inches (the longest edge being 18 inches) – US$300.00 (about HK$2,500.00)
  • 16 x 24 inches (the longest edge being 24 inches) – US$550.00 (about HK$4,500.00)
  • 24 x 36 inches (the longest edge being 36 inches) – US$1,250.00 (about HK$9,600.00)
  • print size ratios may vary depending on the digital image’s aspect ratio. Typically, most images on this site have 3:2 aspect ratio.
  • larger prints are available on request.
  • Prints will be signed and dated
  • Each print sold comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity.


Rights Managed digital images are available starting from US$250.00 per image per stated usage. I do not do any “all uses, use all the time” Royalty Free digital image distribution. If you’re looking for a general, all encompassing stock picture library, you’ve obviously come to the wrong place. Alamy, Getty Images, shutterstock, etal will probably better suit your needs. If you are here, then you have come here for a particular reason, enough to say that you cannot find elsewhere what you can find or have found here. And that’s it, that’s my price. If you’re looking for low-res comps downloads, no problem – just pay the full price and, if you don’t get around to using the image, I’ll reimburse you the balance