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We have put together this Comment Policy for us to help you. Please read on:

In the realm of photography and supporting services like digital image processing and DAM [Digital Asset Management] we have quite a lot to offer. Through the various services on our SITE we hope to offer you insights to broaden your own photography experiences and to enhance your photographic expertise..

As a means of “spreading the word”, we have our JOURNAL pages together with the product review sections for you to write and post comments and your reviews.

To facilitate and advance a dialogue and discourse of sorts, we have put together this Comments Policy. Our hope is to help facilitate this dialogue, to combat SPAM and to maintain a level of decorum on this SITE.

While we appreciate each comment and review, if your comments are not consistent with our Comments Policy, those comments may be queued for further review and, if needs be, removed.

Continuous abuse of this policy will result in a permanent ban of the IP address, domain, and the email address used.

    1. Creating a new User account:
      1. Comment/User Name: This is a required field. Please use your real name or a suitable nickname for commenting or posting a review. We do not allow keyword stuffing in the name field.
      2. User names using keywords such as “runescape adamant gold trimmed armour” or something similar is NOT likely to pass muster and will be flagged as SPAM and deleted.
      3. Valid Email Address: This is a required field. A valid email address is required for commenting or posting product reviews and such. Your email address will not be published. Nor will it be shared or sold on to other third parties [please read our privacy policy].
      4. Email addresses that look spurious will be flagged as SPAM and deleted. Here is a good example: wkqlgrhzkws-at-gmail.com.
      5. Your URL: This detail is discretionary. If you have something to say or to share and you want people to check out what you’re about, go for it. Your URL is a little bit of click bait [AKA, “Link Love”] and it helps us to help you.
    2. Language and Manners:
      1. The preferred language on this website is English. So, please use English while posting comments and/or reviews. And, if English is not your first language. no matter. No need to apologise – we are all learning.
      2. This is a “family friendly” website. Thus, any comment using offensive or inappropriate language, and/or considered abusive by the editor will be deleted.
      3. This is a friendly community, so play it NICE.
    3. Adding Value:
      1. Any comment not adding to the conversation and one that either subverts the the thread or goes off topic or becomes libelous or slanderous and thus “killing” the conversation may be deleted. All SPAM comments will be deleted.
    4. Limiting Links:
      1. While we love resources and references, in order to prevent SPAM and assure quality, we must limit the number of links posted in your comments. Thus, please do not add more than two links per comment. If you do so, your comment may be subjected to further review. Additionally, please DO NOT sign your comments with a back-link to your site. Such links may be edited and removed from your comment.
    5. Personal Abuse Not Permitted:
      1. In the interests of a certain amount of decorum on this site, personal attacks on this Site’s blog posts and comments will NOT be tolerated.
      2. While you have every right to question or argue the content and/or your or someone else’s point of view, please keep your comments this within the bounds of respectability.
      3. We are all for encouraging you to add something to the conversation. In doing so please show some self-respect and respect the views of others. The use of profanities, cursing, verbal abuse and intolerance are not part of this remit.
      4. If such comments become personal and offensive, the affected thread will be closed and such comments will be removed.
    6. Comment Editing:
      • While we would prefer to keep any forms of editing to a minimum, the editor reserves the right to edit comments in keeping this site’s comments policy.
    7. Comment Thread Closure:
      • The editor reserves the right to close comments and comment threads as and when this may deemed appropriate.
    8. All Rights Reserved:
      • We reserve the right to edit, delete, move, or mark as spam any comments not following our comments policy.
      • We also reserve the right to suspend and/or block access to any individual or group who persistently and flagrantly violates this comments policy.
    9. Indemnity:
      • All comments and reviews posted on this site are the ultimate responsibility of the author. By submitting a comment on our Journal pages or posting a product review on our Store pages, you agree that the comment content is your own. You also agree to hold blameless the editor and the proprietors of this site from any and all repercussions, damages, or liability that may so arise from the comments you have posted on this site.
      1. “How do I get support for a problem?” – If you have a general query regarding the subject of a comment, a tip or a tutorial that we may have posted, please consider posting a comment under that particular post.
      2. “What to do if my comment doesn’t appear?” – If you have posted a comment to an entry posted on our Journal page or a product review on our Store pages and, if it doesn’t appear within a reasonable time period (5 working days) and, you know it doesn’t violate any of our Comment Policies, please contact us using our contact form.
      3. If your question is about something more specific, please use our Contact Form.
      4. If your comment contains Personal Information or you post a personal question using the comments form on our Site or the review form at our Store, we will delete your comment and, instead, we will use your email address to contact you regarding your query or comment.

Your considerations and cooperation in this regard would be appreciated.

If you have any questions regarding the policy, you may contact us by using our contact form.


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