Welcome to our online store’s FAQ page

Here we will endeavour to answer the most frequently asked questions about our online store, what we offer, how to make purchases and so forth. In the event that your can’t find what you’re looking for here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Through our online store we offer a number of print size options. Nearly all the prints on offer are made from digital images with a 2:3 aspect ratio. I rarely, if ever, crop any of my images.

Popular sizes include:

  • 12 x 18 inches [approx. 30 x 46 cm],
  • 16 x 24 inches [approx. 41 x 61 cm]
  • 20 x 30 inches [approx. 51 x 76 cm]
  • 24 x 36 inches [approx. 61 x 92 cm]
  • 30 x 45 inches [approx. 76 x 114 cm]
  • 40 x 60 inches [approx. 102 x 152 cm]

Other prints sizes and their prices are available by special request.

If you are perhaps looking other print sizes, as a suggestion, select a multiple, for example ’10’. This will yield a print size of 20 x 30 inches ([10*2] x [10*3])

All prints have a white 1 cm wide white border.

We use inches as a measure for our prints as a kind of print size convention thing. Metric sizes are provided in parenthesis.

  • At present, all our printing is done in Hong Kong.
  • Currently, all prints are printed using the Lambda C process.
  • The type of print finish we offer are either glossy or matt. As a general rule we do not offer canvas and metal based prints. This might be a consideration but, for now, as a one off request.
  • Unless requested, all prints are delivered as printed. There is no foam board backing, no matts nor frames.
  • The reference image viewed on our product page is just that, it’s a “reference” image. The print you receive will be as close as can be to this reference image. We reserve the right to both modify and update these images on an as and when basis. Please bear in mind that, with digital photography, the technology is changing all the time. While the image will always be the image, the software applications used to prep and finish these images is changing constantly and, usually, for the better. It makes sense for us to continually seek better ways to update and improve on our images, this to bring out the richness and detail of that image.
  • At present, all print orders are shipped out of Hong Kong.
  • For print orders originating in Hong Kong, orders will be delivered door-to-door by hand courier.
  • For all international print orders, prints will be delivered door-to-door by either Hong Kong Post or via a number of international courier services, this depending on the location and the availability of business operations in those locations.
  • TAXES – From Hong Kong we don’t charge or pay taxes on shipping. However, on receipt of your purchase you may be asked to pay additional charges for some reason or other. On our shipping declaration we have indicated a nominal value of the package – basically this is a cost based on the material value of the product and not its intrinsic value as a work of art.
    • At present we offer two options for packaging and shipping our prints:
    1. Rolled and posted in a mailing tube. While this method maybe more robust, special care maybe required to “flatten” the print. In the hands of a competent framer, this should be no issue.
    2. The prints maybe shipped flat – as in bagged in a cellophane wrapper and then sandwiched between two sheets of ploy-board and then securely wrapped. This method may be best for shipping with international couriers who offer a door-to-door service and can warrant a successful delivery.
    • DIMENSIONS – The dimension and weights that appear together with the print order refer to the packaging dimensions and weight.
  • We offer several methods to help you with your payments:
    1. PAYPAL – we use PayPal’s payment gateway.
    2. STRIPE – As an alternative we have install Stripe’s payment gateway. Some users, especially those paying by credit card may find Stripe’s service a little easier and thus, more convenient to use.
    3. BACS – This is a direct debit bank-to-bank service. For some customers, this service may be a lot easier and more convenient to use. While there may be various bank charges involved, there are no third party services involved in any direct debit transactions.
    4. COD – In some countries around the world, a “cash on deliver” service may be preferred. This is where the customer pays the courier service cash on receipt of prints purchased from our site.
  • CHEQUES [CHECKS – US spelling] – We DO NOT accept cheque payments. This method of payment is both too costly and inconvenient – for both you, the customer, and ourselves.
  • PRICING – At present all our prices are stated in US Dollars. At some point in the future we may install a currency conversion plugin that will display prices in the currency of your region this based on your billing address or, perhaps, your IP address.

We do not offer refunds. It is assumed that you have made the right decision at the time of purchase. Each print is purpose printed based on your order. A print, like photography, is not a like piece of clothing – that if it doesn’t fit, it can usually be returned. We assume you made an assessment of your purchase beforehand, that you measured up the space where you’re likely to be hanging the print, checked out sources of lighting, etc.

Each print is supplied with a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY. We offer this CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY in lieu of numbering our prints, this as part of an edition numbering system of sorts. Our rational is explained as follows. Not only does this certificate state that I am the creator of the work you have purchased, it also contains other pertinent information regarding your purchase. We have included certain metadata [data about data] regarding the image itself, the original file number of original digital file, the date the image was taken, the camera and other particulars as well as some of the image processing information. For example, we use PhaseOne’s Capture One to convert our Camera RAW files to working TIFF files. Almost each year PhaseOne offers an update. These updates, obviously, offer improvements over the previous years release. These improvements are likely to have an effect on the final image. Much the same can be said about Adobe’s Photoshop and other tools we may use to finish our Masterfile images. We feel that it is important to have this information listed as this makes your print unique. For instances, the Masterfile used to create the print your purchase may have been created using, say, Capture One 9. A while later I may update that Masterfile using a later version of Capture One. While there are not likely to be significant differences between one print or the other, there might be subtle difference that may be discernible to a serious collector.

We do not number our prints. Instead we offer a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY that is specific to that print and a document that reflects some pertinent information specific to that print. The only reason I would see us needing to number our prints is, if we were to offer as sets of limited editions of our prints for sale through a gallery. In this instance we may, for example, supply a gallery with 10 prints of a particular digital file. Those prints would be numbered and this for good reason. It is likely that those 10 prints would have been printed at the same printing house, using the same process and the same papers. But, outside of this of this workflow, we would be supplying prints on a one off basis. In the process, I may quite likely change printing partners, I may look for better paper stock or using new inks or new technologies. This information would be reflected on that prints accompanying CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY.

They don’t exist – least-wise on any print you may buy. The watermark you see on each reference image in our store is just there as part of the image display and as an on-line security measure. This watermark will never appear on any print that we sell – just to reassure you.